My name is Ryan, one day you and I are going to save the world.

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Notes to Myself (#12)

You wouldn’t change your past no matter how upset you are with your present because it was the past that gave you the tools to build yourself a future.

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*takes photo of flowers with an iphone 5* im a photographer :)

I’m sure this post is supposed to be mocking people who say and do such things but really what makes someone a photographer? In contemporary societies where media technologies are changing the meanings of every day objects, who is to say that a photographer cannot make a living through photos produced via an iPhone? Yes, the photo taker may not be able to grasp the full understanding of aperture, ISO, or f-stops, they may not understand how lighting fully affects the photographs outcome, but with screens that bring immediate visual gratification for the photo takers eyes and a computer to sort all of that other stuff out it is possible to create works of photography that look impressive and powerful. So embrace new technologies and how much easier they make everything for people. 

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Blurred vision and the hobble of thick prose
Why empower misogyny while violence towards women grows?

But this filth stands on a quicker sand
Next to cold hard fear and the deeds of man
The abuse of body image as a form of control
And the typical portrayal of the feminine role
I have never been more appalled.

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this is amazing. 
#potterhead forever.

This is tripping me out..

The longer you stare the weirder it gets lol

This is so damn cool!

Notes to Myself (#11)

On the days you feel like the world is a little crazy, try to embrace the craziness. You always do your best work when you’re being crazy.

Anonymous asked: ^_^)/ Hello beautiful person! If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better!

I love you too.




i get anxiety because idk what will come after postmodernism

Hypermodernism perhaps. Or pre-post-post-modernism. :P

Actually Postmodernism was suppose to have ended with 9/11 and now we are in the era of Contemporary, after that will be Post Contemporary and then… well thats up to the future generations to decide… At least thats what I learned in CCS.

And there we have it folks.


i just wanna cuddle naked with you and see who gives in first tbh

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Send me ‘Have You Evers’ and I will reply with Yes or NO

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laamee put a number in my box but like an idiot I answered it privately.

But yes, we don’t really know each other that well but what I do know is that you are very fucking cool and very beautiful. Your love of Archer is seriously awesome and the fact you own a Scroobius Pip t-shirt makes me envious. You have a great sense of humour, and great taste in birthday cakes. (Seriously that looked super cool). So I hope you stay awesome and know that you’re a great human being.



I’m never going to reject an artist. Last time that happened he started a big war.

Actually, it just shows that the university for education of arts had a better feeling for decent human beings than politicians have.

Good point! ;D

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Anja, my dear sweet friend, I love you with my whole heart. You are incredibly beautiful, in every way. You’ve come so far over the last 8 months and I am glad you consider me one of your best friends. But how can I describe you? You are the essence of humanities love. Charming as you are intelligent. Talking to you makes me very peaceful because you are filled with light. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world and I hope you achieve everything you want to in life. When you feel darker I love making you laugh. I am so proud to know someone like you. There is no one I’d rather spend my time with. Oh and you have the sexiest voice I have ever heard. Thanks for being awesome.

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you

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My Facebook friends make the best jokes.